WWE Tag Team Receiving a New Name Again?!


WWE appears to be making another name change to a tag team, which has been seen quite often as of late.

NXT tag team War Raiders made the jump to the main roster during this years superstar shake-up. It was decided their new home in WWE would be for the Raw brand.

Upon their arrival on the main roster something was noticeably different…Their Name! The team was announced as “The Viking Experience” and also giving different ring names. Rowe would now be knows as “Erik” while Hanson would be giving the name of “Ivar”.

This isn’t the first time the team formerly named Hanson and Rowe had their team name changed. When they arrived on NXT in 2018, their name War Machine was changed to War Raiders.

A week after their debut on Raw the team would be renamed “The Viking Raiders” while their finishing move would assume their former name “The Viking Experience” (somebody in the office must be in love with that one).

On Wednesday nights episode of NXT on the WWE Network it looked like WWE reverted back to the teams original name “War Raiders”, however that is simply not the case. NXT is pretaped in advance so this would explain why this occurred as WWE posted videos classifying them as “The War Raiders”.

But, WWE sent out a survey to their WWE Fan Council which you will see below and there is a interesting name in it. The Viking Warriors!


While this could simply be confusion of a staff member due to all the recent changes, we will certainly see soon enough. It is worth mentioning at one point the team was scheduled to be called The Berzerkers.

We will keep you updated on any further name changes.

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