​WWE Takes Some Very Interesting Shots At Alberto Del Rio Via Twitter – What Did They Say?


This one is a little out of character for WWE and really
solidifies the idea that Alberto Del Rio really pissed someone off in doing
whatever he did that caused his release. (Or, if you’re conspiracy-minded, that
he isn’t actually fired.) WWE’s official Twitter account posted the following
messages in reference to Del Rio being let go yesterday:

WWE has never been one to address moves in this manner, but the
very terse wording of the initial release announcement seemed out of place as
well. That they referenced his Twitter account is a little odd too; it could be
seen as either a way to directly make him aware of what they were saying (as you
are notified of any direct mentions to your Twitter handle) or that they’re
still promoting him for some reason.

The latter may suggest to some that Del Rio is actually still
employed and that this is some kind of angle where they’re working the fans,
except that WWE has always been very clear when releases or punishments such as
Wellness violations are announced on WWE that they are not storyline. If this is
a change in policy, it would seem an odd one and it would seem odd that they
would either use his alleged assault against a WWE employee (or make up such an
assault, if that’s the case) as a kickstart to a storyline. It is worth noting
that Del Rio has not, as of the time of this writing, changed his Twitter name
from “Alberto Del Rio” which is a WWE-specific name. He has been moved to the
alumni section of WWE.com.

All signs point to this being a legitimate firing and not some
sort of angle.

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