WWE Talents Pulled Over Twice In Two Nights


— We noted yesterday here on the website that WWE producer/agent “Road Dogg” BG James and Bill DeMott were pulled over by a Wisconsin State Trooper on Sunday night for speeding. The duo got away with a simple warning.


In an update on this, BG James tweeted last night that he and Bill DeMott were pulled over AGAIN on Monday night but this time received a ticket. Slow down!

— John Cena re-tweeted a fan’s comment predicting what The Rock’s promo on next Monday’s RAW would consist of:

“prediction 4 rock promo – 1999 catchphrase, insult Cena, catchphrase, sniff the air, eyebrow, say electrify – leave till mid march”

Cena then added:

“Im pretty sure that’s close to accurate. Prove me wrong movie star. Ill be waiting in nike town.”

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