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WWE Ticket Sale Information For All Upcoming Live Events, Royal Rumble 2022 Ticket Sales


We have the ticket sale information for all upcoming WWE live events, including the Royal Rumble in January 2022, as provided by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The Royal Rumble, which happens at the Dome in St. Louis, has sold 21,549 tickets. It’s possible that it could get to 62,000, but that may be unlikely.

Tonight’s episode of SmackDown in Wichita has 3,800 tickets out. Next week’s episode of SmackDown in Wilkes-Barre has 2,894 tickets out.

Monday Night RAW in Providence on November 1 has 3,795 tickets out, and there has been some discounted prices in that market.

Survivor Series and Monday Night RAW at the Barclays Center on November 21 and 22 have 7,675 and 5,083 tickets out, respectively.

Monday Night RAW at the UBS Center in Long Island on November 29 has 3,106 tickets out.

Monday Night RAW in St. Paul has 2,309 tickets out on December 13.

SmackDown in Chicago on December 17 has 4,701 tickets out, which is considered low for the market.

Finally, Day One in Atlanta on January 1 currently has 3,660 tickets out.

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