WWE TLC Photos + John Cena On The Today Show Video


— The Barclays Center website (BarclaysCenter.com) has posted photos from Sunday night’s WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs PPV.

— John Cena appeared on the Today Show this morning, promoting WWE Tribute to the Troops and discussing the WWE product. Here are some highlights and the video…

“PG has to do with the content. And although I have a black eye to show for my conflict last night (at the TLC PPV), we are openly an entertainment company. We brand ourselves as an entertainment company. And we want families to enjoy the entertainment – the stories of good vs. evil, the stories of letting the audience be entertained with us.

In the past when it wasn’t so publicized that we were entertainment, often-times kids would see what we do and try to emulate it at home or at school. We are open in a campaign: ‘We are professionals. Don’t try this at home, school, or anywhere.’ But, you can come and enjoy the stories. And, the content of the product is family-safe.”

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