WWE To Donate $1.2 Million To Head-Injury Research


USA Today reports that WWE will donate $1.2 million to Chris Nowinski’s Sports Legacy Institute over a period of three years to help with head-related injury research.

Triple H said: “Obviously, I think it’s such a huge concern for everybody right now in sports and in the military. As we learn more and more about concussions and what can become of it, I think it’s a problem for every body.”

Here are highlights from the story:

Triple H on how many concussions the WWE has had recently: “In 2011, we had 25 concussions of the 150 talent (wrestlers) on the road all year long. … In 2012, we only had 11.”

Chris Nowinski on his own concussion from a match with Bubba Ray Dudley: “It wasn’t his fault. I was too close. And unfortunately I lied about my symptoms for five weeks and kept going. … I had a headache and was nauseous every time I got my heart rate up, but I fought through it as best I could.”

Triple H on the goal of protecting your opponent: “If you’re in the NFL, your goal is to try to hit the other guy as hard as possible. … The goal in what we do is the exact opposite. The goal in what we do is first and foremost … protect your opponent. Without him you have nothing. … Our whole goal is to make something look as devastating as possible and as impactful as possible with as little impact as possible. It’s really the art of what we do. We really work on that with talent. If John Cena and I are in a story line together and I hit John Cena hard and he gets injured, and he’s out, it hurts me as much as it hurts him. He’s out; now my opponent that I’m in a story line with is gone and my storyline just ended.”

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