WWE Total Divas & After Total Divas Ratings Are In


— Sunday’s edition of WWE Total Divas did viewers 1,036,000 viewers, down over 500,00 viewers from last week’s show. The show went against Sunday Night Football and the WWE’s own Night of Champions PPV.

— The WWE Total Divas After Party show drew 939,000 viewers.

Week 1: 1.30 million viewers

Week 2: 1.52 million viewers

Week 3: 1.67 million viewers

Week 4: 1.35 million viewers (up against SummerSlam)

Week 5: 1.46 million viewers (up against MTV Video Music Awards)

Week 6: 1.53 million viewers

Week 7: 1.09 million viewers (up against Sunday Night Football)

Week 8: 1.04 million viewers (up against Night of Champions & Sunday Night Football)

Justin Credible recently wrote about the Rhodes Family angle on RAW and more. Here are some highlights…

On Daniel Bryan’s WWE Title Angle: “WWE is putting out a solid product, don’t get me wrong, but I feel that they are going in a mundane direction. I’ve seen this movie before with Steve Austin. I think they pulled the trigger too soon, and I’m wondering how much patience the fans will have, waiting until Daniel Bryan, finally conquers the evil WWE machine.”

On The Rhodes Family Storyline: “It was good to see the American Dream Dusty Rhodes on Raw. I dig the storyline with the Rhodes clan. I just don’t like the way WWE is portraying the common wrestler. It’s like the world as we know it will end, if you are to lose your job with the company. Even the announcers are joining in, saying that Cody Rhodes better use his cell phone while his service is still on.”

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