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NewsWWE Traffic Accident Lawsuit Set For February 2023

WWE Traffic Accident Lawsuit Set For February 2023



WWE is facing a lawsuit over a traffic accident from June of 2019, and it appears that the lawsuit now has a start date. Pwinsider reports that the Florida Middle District Court has set a jury trial for February 6th, 2023. The lawsuit was filed by Jackson Parsons in June of 2021.

Parsons sued WWE in July of 2019, alleging that employee Gaitan Thomas was driving a van rented by WWE while on the job, and there was an accident between the two while Parsons was riding a bicycle at the time. Parsons says that the accident resulted in “physical injuries, pain-and-suffering, disability and the inability and loss of the capacity to lead and enjoy normal life, inconvenience, disfigurement, scarring and mental anguish.” Parsons also claims he’ll be dealing with permanent issues due to the accident, in addition to suffering “a loss of earnings and earning capacity, both in the past and in the future.”

Motions in the case must be filed by December of this year. WWE has claimed in legal filings that Thomas was an independent contractor that was employed by the company at the time. The two sides have been going back and forth for a while, and discovery for the case must be completed by the end of the month.

All indications are that the two sides are headed for a trial toward the beginning of February in 2023. Parsons and WWE have tried and failed to reach a settlement over the last few months.

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