WWE Trainer Sara Amato Feels Like The Mae Young Classic Is The Real Push For Women’s Wrestling, Speaks On JR Doing Commentary – More


WWE Trainer Sara Amato spoke with the Rolling Stone recently to promote the Finals of the Mae Young Classic tomorrow. During the interview, Amato touched on a number of topics all revolving around the inaugural women’s tournament.

Check out a few of the highlights:


How Involved Was She In The Recruiting Process For The Tournament:

“Not heavily involved, it was kind of a team. William Regal goes out and scouts and they have their pulse on what was happening in the independent scene. It was really important that we get the ladies who just bust their butts at Shimmer yearly and get representation because I know how hard they work and what a great promotion that is. The promoter of Shimmer, David Prazak, is really the one who put women’s wrestling on the map. He brought people like me and Mercedes Martinez in and believed in us and gave us a lot of time to just wrestle our little hearts out.”

Mae Young Classic Being A Real Push For Women’s Wrestling:

“I think so too, but I think it started a lot longer ago when they hired me. I think that was the beginning of it. Triple H and Stephanie seeing the need for a female trainer to train the women. We had so much potential and ability, they just needed a voice and one direction to follow. The men who worked with the women in the past did an amazing job with them but it’s just a lot different. It really started with them giving me the opportunity to lead the girls like Paige and Charlotte and Emma and give them the platform and kind of be their voice behind and fight for them behind the scenes a little bit.”

What WWE Needed To Change In Order To Focus In On Their Women:

“Triple H really believed in the girls. When it really started changing was Charlotte and Nattie had a match in NXT at one of the Takeovers. You couldn’t follow them. It should’ve been the main event. It opened a lot of people’s eyes; being in production meetings and speaking up and knowing what the women were capable of and saying they could definitely pull this off or we could do this with them, or they could be here,  kind of speak their ideas and pitch for them.”

Jim Ross On Commentary For The MYC:

“Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool and the people that were there in attendance, like Beth Phoenix and all the main roster girls that came down and to have Alundra Blayze doing backstage. Even watching Mauro do some of the voicing and having Lita, who was amazing.”

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