WWE Trying To Sign Kelly Kelly To A New Deal


Partial Source: Pwinsider.com

According to sources, once WWE heard that Kelly Kelly was looking for projects outside of the company during her time off, there was a push to get her to sign a new deal as soon as possible. Kelly is still under a WWE contract but had taken time off due to feeling burnt out. The company feels that she is the most marketable Diva on the roster and they are willing to spend to lock her into a longer-term deal.

Among the WWE crew there is a feeling of burnout now that everyone is pretty much working every TV taping. With travel, many talents are losing the 1-2 days that they used to have to mentally and physically rest before going back on the road. There is a feeling among some that the Bellas, much like Jeff Hardy years ago, might have started a trend with the women, which would be to get out and take breaks as opposed to continuing the grind of the road.

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