WWE UK Tour Attendance #’s + Survivor Series Theme Song


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Here are some recent attendance figures for WWE’s ongoing tour of Europe‚Ķ

* November 6th in Belfast, Northern Ireland drew 5,500 fans

* November 6th in Columbia, S.C. drew 2,500 fans

* November 7th in Dublin, Ireland drew 7,600 fans

* November 8th in Glasgow, Scotland drew 3,700 fans

* November 9th in Nottingham, England drew 9,000 fans

* November 9th in Munich, Germany drew 3,500 fans

* November 10th in Cardiff, Wales drew 4,200 fans

* November 10th in Glasgow, Scotland drew 4,200 fans

* November 12th in Newcastle, England drew 8,000 fans

— The official theme song for WWE Survivor Series is “How I Feel” by Flo Rida. WWE has released a video for the song with past Survivor Series highlights.

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