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NewsWWE United States Championship Match Set for Elimination Chamber

WWE United States Championship Match Set for Elimination Chamber



WWE sent out the following statement on their website today, confirming a WWE United States Championship match between Andrade and Humberto Carillo.

United States Champion Andrade vs. Humberto Carrillo

Is Humberto Carrillo destined to earn the biggest three-count of his WWE career? And finally sling the United States Championship over his shoulder at WWE Elimination Chamber? The resilient young Superstar has been chasing the title for several months. He has had to fight through more adversity, outside interference and pre- and post-match beatdowns than any Superstar on the Raw roster.

While attempting the already daunting task of dethroning AJ Styles when he held the title, Carrillo was brutalized by The O.C., he’s gotten DDT’d on concrete by Andrade; and has constantly been forced to keep at least one eye on Zelina Vega interference. Recently, Carrillo has even had to deal with his pompous cousin, Angel Garza; who used nefarious means to twice defeat him. The two have tangled in several wild brawls as a result.

Through it all, the aerialist has repeatedly pulled himself back to his feet. And now, after pinning Andrade in a tag team match on Raw, he’s just one victory away from hoisting the star-spangled championship — though the current titleholder is certain to have something to say about Carrillo’s lofty aspirations. If you thought Andrade had a mean streak before capturing the United States Championship… well, you were right. But Andrade’s viciousness has reached frightening new levels ever since; as the cold-blooded Superstar seems willing to stoop to any low to maintain his grasp on the title.

During his title reign, which began when he took down Rey Mysterio at Madison Square Garden the night after Christmas, Andrade has de-masked The Master of the 619, unleashed several savage sneak attacks against Carrillo and others. He resorted to getting himself disqualified against Carrillo to retain his championship. Will Carrillo finally become a champion, or will Andrade have yet another trick up his sleeve for the young upstart? Don’t miss WWE Elimination Chamber on Sunday, March 8, streaming live on WWE Network at 7 ET/4 PT!

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