WWE Wants Their Fans To Name A Network Show


WWE sent out a survey yesterday, with the following synopsis for a new show for the WWE Network…

“This program will shed a gripping spotlight on the triumphant and turbulent careers of WWE’s most famous Superstars, from WWE’s first-ever Champion, the controversial Buddy Rodgers, to 2013’s most popular WWE Superstar, John Cena. Each true story will offer fresh revelations about these larger-than-life personalities, with insight coming from the people who know, or knew, them best: close family and friends, embittered in-ring rivals, childhood crushes, high school mentors, the WWE Superstars and Legends themselves and more.”

They fans the fans input on naming the show, and the choices sent out were:

* WWE Presents

* WWE Profiles

* WWE Chronicles

* Superstar Showcase

* Beyond The Ring

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