WWE Watch Along Stream Announced For Upcoming Draft Special


WWE is planning to hold a special watch along for the upcoming WWE Draft, scheduled to start this Friday night on FOX with “Friday Night SmackDown”, then continuing next week on Monday Night RAW. The plan for the Watch Along shows this time will be to showcase the reactions for Superstars immediately after the Draft selections. The special will also be streamed on the free version of the WWE Network.

WWE Watch Along to capture Superstar reactions LIVE during WWE Draft on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and on the Free Version of WWE Network

“The WWE Draft is upon us! As Superstars are selected to SmackDown and Raw this Friday on the blue brand and this Monday on the red brand, WWE Watch Along will be LIVE on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook on the Free Version of WWE Network, beginning at 7:30 ET/4:30 PT.

This will not be the typical Watch Along in which a slew of Superstars and special guests give their reactions to WWE’s latest pay-per-view. Instead, WWE’s The Bump’s Matt Camp, Evan T. Mack and Ryan Pappolla will step into the action, as Superstars will join to offer immediate reactions after their selections.

Don’t miss the opening night of the WWE Draft this week on Friday Night SmackDown at 8/7 C on FOX, and tune in to WWE Watch Along on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and on the Free Version of WWE Network.”

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