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NewsWWE WrestleMania 37 Results: Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre

WWE WrestleMania 37 Results: Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre



The following is from our play-by-play coverage of the WWE WrestleMania 37 event:

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre 

They locked up then did some basic stuff such as shoulder blocks. McIntyre with a belly-to-belly suplex then did a PG middle finger gesture. McIntyre clotheslined him out of the ring. Lashley tossed him into the barricade then hit a spear in the corner of the ring and followed it up with a neck breaker. Lashley missed a spear and ate the ring post. McIntyre started working over the left arm including an armbar attempt. McIntyre caught him with a clothesline then a hip toss. McIntyre went for a DDT, but Lashley blocked and McIntyre hit a suplex for 2. Lashley answered with a face buster for a near fall. Lashley with a powerslam then a series of shots to the ribs.

McIntyre fired back with a series of chops then a face buster for 2. They went to the top rope and McIntyre tossed him off, but ran into a powerslam. They traded shots until McIntyre hit three future shock DDTs for a near fall. McIntyre went for the claymore, but Lashley rolled out of the ring and McIntyre hit a dive over the top rope. Back in the ring, McIntyre went to the top rope, but Lashley caught him and put him into a submission hold before hitting some moves. McIntyre sent Lashley into turnbuckle then put him in the kimura, but Lashley got to the bottom rope. McIntyre with a big boot then a back elbow and he went for the claymore kick, but missed it after a distraction from MVP. Lashley with a big right hand then put him in the Hurt Lock and McIntyre passed out. 

Winner: Bobby Lashley

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