WWE/WWF Update, CM Punk’s Heel Turn, Stephanie/RAW, & More


— There is no word on if WWE has reached a new deal with “WWF”, but last night during RAW they showed the scratch logo without any blurring.

— CM Punk is still being advertised as teaming with John Cena to face the Big Show and Johnny Ace on the Labor Day event in Chicago. Keep in mind that card is always subject to change and likely will in this case.

— The July 21st edition of WWE AM RAW did a 0.34 rating with 377,000 viewers.

Adam Lebow sent this in on why WWE doesn’t have talent do interviews on Off the Record anymore…: It’s worth noting that “Off The Record” is an in-house show produced by TSN, and TSN was the Canadian rights holder to RAW until July 31, 2006. Since then, there has been little-to-no wrestling related content on the show, outside of some Bret Hart appearances. On the flip side, since The Score picked up the Canadian rights the following week, there has been several WWE affiliated talent that has been on the in-house produced content The Score airs.

— KPLR in St. Louis did a piece with Stephanie McMahon-Levesque, discussing the 1,000th RAW event, wrestling in St. Louis, her father and more…

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