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NewsWWEArn Anderson Discusses Potentially Returning To Help Cody Rhodes In WWE

Arn Anderson Discusses Potentially Returning To Help Cody Rhodes In WWE



Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Cody Rhodes has hinted that he might be looking for a classic wrestling manager to join him. This has caused fans to speculate that Arn Anderson may join him in WWE due to their history in AEW.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer was asked about what the future holds for him. He said,

“I’m 65 and my liver is 127. I am on short time and I probably don’t have a lot of time on the planet, much less in the business. I am dedicating whatever time I have left, one way or another, to helping my son Brock [Brock Anderson], who is breaking in, get a spot in the business with some company and get established and help him get to a position where he can make a living and can contribute and he can be a valuable asset to whatever company uses him. That’s what I want to dedicate whatever time I have left. If that means what we’re doing now, we’re running around and driving to some indies. Whatever shows are in driving range and are plausible. I don’t want to get on a plane these days unless I have to. If I can drive it and he can drive it, let’s do it. We’ll just go around and exercise our name to help these young independent promotions maybe draw a few more people.”

He continued, “Would I comeback in the right situation for a short-term something with Cody? If anybody out there thinks it’s a good idea, let me know, I don’t know. It would be something. He and I have never had that conversation. After [his comments] blew up, I sent him a text and asked how everything was. We had a couple texts back and forth and it never came up. I went, ‘Maybe that was just him testing the waters himself’ when he threw it out there. I was honored and flattered of the things he said. That’s the way I am with Cody. ‘You’re the star of the show, go out there and act like one.'”

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