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Backstage Update On Giulia’s Future In WWE



As we reported earlier this week here on eWn, Giulia’s WWE debut is expected to be delayed.

For many months now, WWE has been interested in the STARDOM wrestler and made an offer to her. While she was originally set to join the WWE NXT brand, she is delaying her start to help Rossy Ogawa launch his new company.

Ogawa’s contract with Bushiroad was terminated earlier this week. After the news surfaced that he was “poaching” talent, Ogawa announced his plans to start a new company.

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer, Giulia will “be there to kick off the promotion for a while and get the promotion going” before she eventually heads to WWE. Giulia is extremely loyal to Ogawa and has given him her word that she will help him out.

As far as the speculation the vignette that aired at WWE NXT: Vengeance Day may be for Giulia is concerned, that is not the case.

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