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Backstage Update On The Reaction From WWE & AEW Over CM Punk Interview



CM Punk recently appeared on Ariel Helwani’s “The MMA Hour” podcast where he discussed his unceremonious AEW departure and return to WWE.

Fightful Select has shared a report regarding the reaction to Punk’s comments in AEW and WWE.

According to the report, the reactions from talent do not reflect the company they are signed to.

In regard to the CM Punk and Jack Perry altercation that took place at All In 2023, AEW talent stated that the issue was less about Punk not wanting to use glass in the vignette taping at AEW Collision, and more about him narrating the story to media and talent to the point that it caused public unrest despite his having had similar issues in the past. Punk’s recounting of the original argument was said to be accurate.

The reaction of WWE talent was reportedly “all over the place.” One Superstar assumed Punk wouldn’t entertain questions about AEW before too long even though there is an NDA in place. Another WWE talent was relieved Punk went off this week, hoping that his comments would ultimately be buried in the crazy news cycle by WrestleMania weekend.

One AEW veteran said, “More than anything, what the interview showed was that this was preventable from all sides. Punk is happy, AEW talent moved on, so hopefully everyone just learns from it and makes amends in the future.”

There is a non-disparagement agreement between Punk and AEW, something the Second City Saint alluded to in his interview, though he declared it wasn’t for anything he did wrong.

The word within WWE until now has been positive toward Punk and people on the executive side did not believe he wanted to discuss AEW on Monday’s podcast, but anticipated it would probably happen.

Punk reportedly isn’t likely to be on as heavy a media schedule this week as the rest of the roster as he is still recovering from his injury.

Additionally, no subsequent issues between Punk, Seth Rollins, and Drew McIntyre have been heard about.

Punk also confirmed several reports in his interview, including his backstage visit to RAW last year before he was asked to leave.

Punk also confirmed that only lawyers, Triple H, AJ Lee, and Nick Khan knew about his return before it happened at Survivor Series 2023 and that the Punk references on WWE TV leading to the event happened before he had been contacted.

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