Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Baron Corbin Competes In BJJ Competition, John Cena News, Jim Ross Note, More


John Cena is looking forward to the second season of Peacemaker, and he took to his Instagram page to post a photo teasing the second season. True to form, Cena did not caption the photo.

WWE NXT Tag Team Champion Baron Corbin took to Instagram over the weekend to announce that he earned himself a silver medal in a Brazilian jiujitsu tournament in the Florida Jiu Jitsu World League tournament. He wrote,

“Obviously not the result I wanted last night! Lost 2-0 on points in the finals. @the305mvp put it in perspective and said “You win or you learn. What did you learn?” I defn learned a few things and will get back in the Lab and work! The work is never done! @rudos_bjj already has a plan.

We all stumble and it should push us to get better. I’m taking home another gold in the next tournament. I hope the guy who beat me is there so I can get it back. Let’s go!”

Masato Tanaka vs. Josh Alexander has been announced for the Mark Hitchcock Memorial Supershow during WrestleCon. The event will take place on April 5th in Philadelphia, PA at the 2300 Arena during WrestleMania 40 week.

Additionally, Rob Van Dam vs. Mike Bailey will be taking place on the same show. There will be appearances by Mistico, Macara Dorado, Dragon Kid, Hechicero, Little Guido, Tommy Rich, and a Los Boriquas reunion between Savio Vega, Jose Estrada Jr., Hurricane Castillo, Miguel and Perez Jr.

And finally, WWE Hall of Famer and AEW commentator Jim Ross will be kicking off a tour for his latest book next month. JR will be taking part in a signing on March 30th in Jacksonville, Florida for Business Is About to Pick Up!: 50 Years of Wrestling in 50 Unforgettable Calls.

The book will be released on March 26th and features the following synopsis:

Experience 50 years of wrestling history through the iconic voice of Jim Ross.

For wrestling fans, Jim Ross’ voice is the soundtrack of an era. This book is your ringside ticket to wrestling’s most unforgettable moments—from the announcer who made them iconic.

In the last 50 years, professional wrestling has risen up from a collection of regional territories to become a global phenomenon—and Jim Ross has been there for it all. From the grit and glory days of the 1970s with NWA, to the rise of WCW and the heyday of WWF and WWE, to signing on as on-air talent and senior advisor for wrestling’s newest chapter at AEW, Jim Ross has long had the best seat in the house.

Now, in 50 definitive chapters, chronicling 50 iconic calls across 50 unforgettable years, Business Is About to Pick Up! takes you into the ring, and behind the scenes, as only Jim Ross can.

Immerse yourself in sports entertainment’s most dramatic moments, biggest shocks, and history-making firsts—from watershed collisions like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin versus Bret “Hitman” Hart to industry-shaping milestones like the debut of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the rise of John Cena and Dave Bautista as Hollywood A-list stars, and the birth of All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Then debate which moments Jim Ross just had to include . . . and what else should’ve made his list.

This book is a celebration of pro wrestling’s past, present, and future—narrated by the Voice of Wrestling himself, who was ringside to call it all.