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Booker T – ‘Bron Breakker & Jade Cargill Both Look Like Major Superstars Already’



On a recent edition of his “Hall of Fame” podcast, Booker T discussed some notable appearances and performances from the 2024 WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view event.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Bron Breakker and Jade Cargill’s Royal Rumble appearances: “What stood out, I think, more than anything, was they both look like major superstars already. Jade Cargill’s got the star appeal. Bron Breakker is coming out of NXT, right off the bat and knocking it right out of the park, stepping in there with the big guys and fitting in pretty much perfectly. I see a bright, bright future for both of those guys. Jade Cargill is definitely going to shake it up in the women’s division. She might even take over the women’s division if she plays her cards right.”

On Jordynne Grace’s performance: “When she made her walk to the ring, she looked like she belonged. She looked like she was part of — I mean I’m not trying to take her or anything from TNA, but she looked like she fit right into the system right now. She looked great.”

On Bayley winning the Women’s Royal Rumble: “I’ve always said Bayley’s a general in the ring. She can go out and perform with the best. She’s believable. Everything about Bayley is top-notch. I think her having that time off, you know, from the injury and then coming back and working your way back into the system all the way to this point to where now she can make a play at the big goal, going into WrestleMania. So I loved it. Bayley for me, there again, just like Cody, I think the right person got picked for the job.”

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