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Booker T – ‘Cody Rhodes Is A Pro, Logan Paul Is Damn Good!’



On a recent edition of his “Hall of Fame” podcast, Booker T shared his opinion on the upcoming match between Cody Rhodes and Logan Paul at the King & Queen of the Ring pay-per-view event this weekend.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On whether both the Undisputed WWE and US Titles should be on the line for Cody Rhodes vs. Logan Paul: “Well, Cody’s title should be on the line. I mean me personally, you know me. I’m not off into one guy having two titles, even though I’ve been double champ before and it felt good. It felt really really good, but I’m not one to take that route, as far as one guy having to shoot two titles. In a matchup like this, I feel like the champions, the big title — you know, Cody Rhodes’ title, should be on the line in this matchup just to make it a little bit more intriguing.”

On the match: “’I’m gonna tell you right now, man, I feel like — I mean, Cody is smart man, he’s smart. Logan Paul is a guy who has shown that he can go out and do it under the bright lights, under the biggest stages, he’s shown that he can go out and perform. With Cody Rhodes [and Paul] together, those guys can go out there and create some beautiful magic. Cody’s a pro, he’s gonna know exactly how to put Logan in the best positions. There again, Logan is smart enough, seems to be smart enough, to go out and perform at a very, very high level. And sometimes it’s like that deja vu effect, it seems like he’d been here once before. So I just give that kid a lot of props because I haven’t seen one like him come along before, seriously.”

On Paul: “On-the-job training, man. On-the-job training, but you gotta get good quick if you are one of those guys that can retain it. Like I said, Logan Paul is not someone from this business, but it seems like — like when I first got into it, i seemed like I had been there before. When I watched this kid, from a timing perspective, from a knowing how to go out and perform on both ends… He’s that damn good. I give him big props.”

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