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Booker T Enjoyed Working With Bob Holly & The Boogeyman



On a recent edition of his “Hall of Fame” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T shared his experience working with Bob Holly and The Boogeyman.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On working with The Boogeyman: “We had a run, man. We had a hell of a run. I had a hell of a time with The Boogeyman at WrestleMania. And you know, a lot of people really don’t understand wrestling that perhaps wouldn’t understand me in a match like that with Boogeyman at WrestleMania, and it being the highlight of my career. It’s a highlight of my career because it’s a highlight of his career. I swear man, it was such a moment for my main man Marty Wright, The Boogeyman. And I swear, man, him and I, we have such a bond today. He’s literally like a brother. I talk to him on a regular basis. I talked to that dude since that run in WWE at least once a month, sometimes twice a month, sometimes five. Seriously, it’s crazy.

“The connection he and I have — I remember when he was on Tough Enough. And my wife and I were sitting and watching it. And Boogeyman, they got to the point where they were getting ready to kick the ball off because he knew he was a little bit older. And Boogeyman said, ‘I’m 30, ‘and he was actually 40. I looked at Sharmell and said, ‘He lying. I can tell you that right now.’ I have a couple of other words I added to it. Him and I, we laugh and we talk about that every time we talk on the phone, every time he and I see each other. Just talking, we crying. We both crying because we’re laughing about something. And I swear man, that was such a moment in my career working with The Boogeyman at WrestleMania. It really was a highlight.”

On Bob Holly: “Bob Holly, tough customer, man. You had to pay your dues with Bob Holly. Even an Olympic gold Medalist [Kurt Angle] is gonna have to pay his dues with Bob Holly. And after that one match, I’m sure Kurt had the easiest matches he ever had in his life, because Kurt probably dropped him on his head once or twice. And Bob was like, ‘Okay, okay!’

“But no man, Bob Holly, he was OG. I always loved Bob Holly. I’m gonna tell you that right now, people can say what they want to say. But Bob Holly was one of those guys that when I walked up — I had to walk past Bob Holly, just like everybody else in the locker room when I came into WWF. And I tell you man, I couldn’t wait to get a piece of some Bob Holly. I couldn’t wait. I was looking to fight. Because I knew Bob Holly had a reputation, so I was like, ‘I’m gonna go ahead and give that away. I’m gonna go ahead and fight this guy.’ Me and Bob Holly, we were the best of friends, man, I swear. And if I call Bob right now and say I need you in the Last Stand Rumble [in Reality of Wrestling]. If he’s off, he’ll be there.”

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