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Booker T – ‘John Cena Is The GOAT’



John Cena made a surprise return at Saturday night’s WWE Money In The Bank 2024 pay-per-view event to announce his forthcoming retirement from pro wrestling in 2025.

The 16-time World Champion stated that he would compete at WWE Royal Rumble 2025, Elimination Chamber 2025, and WrestleMania 41 before retiring.

On a recent edition of his “Hall of Fame” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T lavished praise on Cena, labeling him the “greatest of all time.”

Booker T said, “He’s put in the work. He’s the GOAT. He’s done so much for the business, man. He really has. He’s been an ambassador in so many ways. A lot of people don’t see the work that John Cena did to get to that point where he is now, as far as this level of stardom in professional wrestling as well as Hollywood… He always took it and made something out of it.”

Booker T commended Cena for demonstrating exemplary dedication by consistently being the last to depart, tidying up after his colleagues, and heeding the advice of veteran colleagues.

When asked about Cena’s spot on the Mount Rushmore of WWE, Booker T noted,

“From statistics and ticket sales, yeah, hell yeah. I’m not looking at guys going out and titles and all that. I’m talking about statistics and ticket sales. He’s done more than most. Is he in the conversation? Hell yeah, most definitely is. You know, so that’s without a question. Without any shadow of a doubt…It’s way longer than (Steve) Austin. You framed it properly in the conversation. Yes, without a shadow, without a question.”

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