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Booker T On How NXT Call-Ups Are Like Seeing Your Kids Leave Home



On a recent edition of his “Hall of Fame” podcast, Booker T discussed how he feels when he sees an NXT Superstar called up to the main roster. He said,

“[They can call me] if they need me, but that’s almost like seeing your kid leave the nest. ‘You’re on your own now kid.’ They’re going to be so busy. They’re going to be running.

“That’s why I get so much joy out of working with the guys at ‘NXT,’ because I see them every week. We’re in the same spot. They got the training facility right next door. If we need to work on anything, we can watch film. But when you’re at the main roster, [and] when I go to work and do the kickoff show, those guys are running. They’re all over the place.

“To not work with [a talent like] Tiffany Stratton on one move, but still be able to work with Tiffany Stratton, and give her that little bit of knowledge that she needs to really accent certain little bitty things, has been so freaking awesome. To watch her bring it into play and do it right there in front of my very eyes and I go, ‘Okay, she’s getting it. She’s got it.’ That’s all I needed.”

Booker T recently had praise for Tiffany Stratton. The former WWE NXT Women’s Champion was recently called up to the main roster as part of the SmackDown brand.

Stratton will be part of this week’s women’s Elimination Chamber match. The bout will be Stratton’s first time stepping foot inside the structure.

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