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Booker T Praises The Rock & Drew McIntyre’s WrestleMania 40 Run


On a recent edition of his “Hall of Fame” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T stated that the WWE product on the Road To WrestleMania 40 resembles the Attitude Era.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the recent RAW segment with CM Punk, Rollins and Drew McIntyre: “We were just talking about that, not too long ago. Yeah, it had an Attitude Era feel to it. It felt like the guys were vibing. And I really feel like this time with The Rock coming back, it’s really giving guys the ability to understand how to go out there and feel their way through a promo, as opposed to just going out there just doing the promo. You know, it’s just like, the blooper clip of The Rock the other day where they went out there, but The Rock was like, ‘Bro, I’m in it. I mean, we ain’t off the air yet to keep the cameras still rolling. The cameras are still rolling, we’re still in the air.’ You know what I mean? It’s as serious as you possibly can make it.

“And with that thing with Drew McIntyre, CM Punk [and] Seth Rollins. All of that stuff went down, you didn’t know what was gonna happen when you didn’t see that coming. You didn’t see that coming because the promo was so tight. The promo had a good, real feel to it. It seemed like two guys that were just banter[ing], going back and forth. One of those types of deals. It didn’t feel like somebody was just reading their lines. Yeah, yeah, that’s the Attitude Era that I feel like it’s definitely, company’s kind of like getting back to a little bit. I don’t think it’ll ever get back to the Attitude Era. Just because there again, there was a lot of great actors like The Rock back in the Attitude Era.”

On WWE being must-see TV again: “Like I say, it definitely had that feel to it. And I think right now — you know, people are look at me and say, ‘That’s not true.’ I really feel like The Rock being back has helped the show out so much, man. Just because the guys need that blueprint of the way it should go and the way it should feel when you’re doing it. And nobody can say that Rock is not delivering right now. Nobody can say, ‘Well, we don’t want to see the Rock, he should stay at home.’ Nobody can say that WrestleMania isn’t as big as it is this year, not because of the Rock. No one could say that. No one can say that, this dude has really put wrestling back in a position where people are watching it. Just like we were just talking about last week.

“Over the last few years, you know, wrestling has been in that PG mode to where where a lot of kids watch it. As a grown man around your buddies, you know, you’re not gonna say ‘Hey, man, I gotta get home man. I gotta watch Raw tonight. I gotta catch Smackdown.’ Now, it’s no problem go[ing] and watch wrestling with your boys. because it’s like The Rock said, ‘I’ve made it cool again.’ And that’s what wrestling honestly needed a shot in the arm for it to be looked at as cool again. Because I feel like when adults are watching it, that’s when it’s really turned up to another notch. That’s when you really are off into the stories, when adults are watching it. Because it is a male soap opera. It really truly is that male soap opera that you can get into and say ‘Man, this is something I can’t miss next week. I got to see it.’”

On Drew McIntyre’s current work: “I agree, sign him up. I mean, I like Drew. I mean, he’s a player. He’s the guy that’s put in a lot of work. And you know, a lot of times it’s the stuff that you don’t see, as far as what really makes a guy a real player, what really makes that guy a general?. And that dude, man he’s truly one of them. Seriously.”