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Booker T Weighs In On Seth Rollins’ Recent Comments About UFC Fighters



Booker T has argued that being a pro wrestler takes more mental toughness than being a UFC fighter, in response to recent comments by Seth Rollins.

During a recent interview, Rollins shared his doubts that any UFC star can successfully make the transition to WWE and mentioned Ronda Rousey as someone who struggled.

On a recent edition of his “Hall of Fame” podcast, Booker T weighed in on the mental prowess of a wrestler against a fighter. He said,

“The professional wrestler is an elite specimen because he’s more of a mental guy. Just like Seth said, you know, to do those small towns, and then to you know, get on a flight to go do TV and then get on another flight to go overseas to do a whole tour to get back, you know, to be ready for Monday Night Raw all over again. It’s the most grueling, the most grinding thing that you’re ever going to do in your life. And you have to be a certain type of individual to be able to do that.”

Rollins is currently out injured. Despite this, he has vowed that he will defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 40.

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