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‘Broke’ LA Knight Recalls Meeting The Rock, Jey Uso On Facing Jimmy At WrestleMania 40



In a recent appearance on the “Gorilla Position” podcast, LA Knight recalled being broke the first time he met Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in 2015, and how it compared to meeting him in 2024.

Knight said, Relationship is probably overselling it a bit. I used to send emails back and forth with his manager, this is like ten years ago. I haven’t talked to them in forever. He came back in Denver, I think he was just coming in, walking into the arena, and we just kind of dapped it up, ‘good to see you.’ That was about it. This past Friday, he was walking by and he stops and talks to me and we had a conversation. Nothing super in-depth, just ‘where you living, what’s going on.’ When I met him in 2015 and was on his show, I was flat a*s broke. I went to go do the show with him, I didn’t have money to pay for my bags to go do the show. Now, we’re talking about things. Now, ‘I love LA, but I don’t think I can move back. I’m staying in Orlando right now.’ He’s like, ‘Talking like a rich man.’ I was like, ‘things are a little different from last time we talked.’”

Jimmy and Jey Uso will likely collide at WrestleMania 40 as their rivalry continues to develop with each passing week.

On a recent edition of the “Battleground” podcast, Jey addressed a potential match against his twin brother at WWE WrestleMania 40, noting that his upcoming promos will not be kayfabe.

Jey said, “Personally, I’m a little kid all over again. Hopefully it’s me and Jimmy at WrestleMania. If it is, I’m a little kid. It’s going to be so easy. We’re just going to do what we do all the time. What I’m most excited about is the lead up, the promos. I love talking. I’m trying to talk. You thought you had emotion in the Bloodline storyline with me and Roman, and me and Sami, watch me and my twin go at it. Ya’ll are going to be like, ‘They are 100% real.’ That’s what is going to make it fire. It’s going to be real. I’m excited to pump that out to the fans and give them that. It’ll be different from every other angle.”

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