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Bruce Prichard Says Michael Hayes Wanted To Use Britney Spears For John Cena Storyline



On a recent edition of his “Something to Wrestle” podcast, WWE executive Bruce Prichard talked about how Michael Hayes proposed bringing in Britney Spears for Kevin Federline’s storyline with John Cena in WWE.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Michael Hayes wanting to bring in Britney Spears for John Cena’s feud with Kevin Federline: “John was the biggest star and was going to get the most play out of it. When you take a look at Kevin Federline, who was in so many headlines and involved in so much controversy outside of our business, the only guy to rub him up against was John Cena. It was a way for fans to get behind Cena because if there was one person who was easier to hate than Cena, it was Kevin Federline. He didn’t know a whole lot about Kevin other than he was Britney’s husband at the time and very controversial. Who better? I don’t know that anybody else on the entire roster matched up. You go with the Michael Hayes philosophy of ‘Do you think Britney would come to see Kevin Federline with John Cena? We could get Britney and I can ask her if she can sing a song. That would be good for pay-per-view.’”

On Hayes making the pitch to get Britney Spears on a WWE pay-per-view: “Yeah. He just assumed she would travel with him and we could get Britney to do something. I wouldn’t be surprised because I wasn’t in the office, I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if that was a pitch as well. ‘We could get Federline and Britney maybe come and it’s in the door to use Britney.’ Britney was the hottest thing going at the time. Wouldn’t shock me if that was the pitch.”

Federline beat Cena in a match on RAW on January 1, 2007. Later that year, Federline and Spears finalized their divorce.

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