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Chelsea Green Felt She Was ‘Really Negative’ During Her First WWE Run



From 2018-2021, Chelsea Green worked for WWE in NXT before making appearances on the main roster. She returned to the company last year.

Green appeared on the “Lightweights Podcast” and revealed that she was “really negative” during her first run with WWE. She said,

“No (I have not always been this positive). No, definitely not… I was really negative in NXT when I first got hired by WWE. I really felt like I was given absolutely nothing. But if I had to have this mentality, maybe nothing would have turned into something. So I think it was really eye-opening when I was released, and I did go back onto the indies and I did make a lot out of nothing. The ball started rolling and then I realized, gosh, you could get so much more out of being positive.”

She continued, “100 percent, 100 percent (I could have tried to change my situations to get further in NXT). I mean, I really wasn’t given that many opportunities to thrive. But still, the opportunities I was given, I could have made something out of them. I don’t know how right now, but I absolutely could have knowing what I know now on the main roster of WWE and the three minutes that I get in the ring, you know, that’s been blown up to now, ‘She’s the best rehire by Triple H.’ I only wrestle for two-to-three minutes. It’s just what I do on my days off that make people think that. It’s what I do with those three minutes.“

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