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Chelsea Green On Who She’d Like To Start A Faction With, Sean Waltman/nWo



During a recent appearance on WWE’s “The Bump,” Chelsea Green commented on which wrestlers she’d want to join a faction with her. She said,

“Here’s the thing. She [Maxxine Dupri] will never be me, but she’s so close, and that’s why I love her, and she’s just gonna thrive just like I’ve done. She is going to be the next Social Media Star of the Year … after I win this year. I saw a little girl in NXT that was a beauty queen, a pageant queen. She is looking promising. If there was a little female faction I could have, it would be Ms. Dupri, Ms. Grace, and Chelsea Green.“

At WrestleMania 31, both the nWo and DX got involved in the Sting vs. Triple H match.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman revealed that they didn’t find out they’d be appearing at the pay-per-view event until the night before the show. He said,

“After [the] Hall of Fame, Hunter comes up to Scott, Kevin, and I and goes, ‘Hey, can you go to the stadium with us? We want to go over some stuff.’ We had no idea we were doing that, man, until the night before. And it was a nice little payoff, too.”

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