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Chelsea Green Reveals The Most Painful Move She’s Ever Taken, WOW Lineup



In a recent appearance on the “Lightweights” podcast, Chelsea Green called Raquel Rodriguez’s Tejana Bomb the most painful move she has ever taken.

Green said, The Tejana bomb, I think it’s called, from Raquel. That’s a scary one because you’re up really high. Anything from Bianca, and the funny thing is that the most painful stuff, they’re the things that you don’t really expect. I took a hit to the face from Kayden [Carter] like a month ago that then, it felt fine in the moment, and then the next day, I was like, ‘Oh my god.’ I couldn’t really eat on the left side. You just never know. It’s silly things like that because we’re moving, and when we trust each other, like Kayden and I have good chemistry together, so we trust each other, so we hit each other harder. So it’s funny things that don’t look like they hurt that actually hurt the most. It’s not really the cool moves that hurt the most. Well, sometimes my dropkick hurts me. It does.”

WOW – Women of Wrestling released a preview clip and lineup for this weekend’s Season 2 Episode 27, which you can check out below:

* The Beast demands justice after World Title loss
* The Mother Truckers vs. The Classmaster and The Disciplinarian
* Las Bandidas vs. The Tonga Twins
WOW Trios Championship Tournament Finals: Team Spirit vs. Team Exile

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