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CM Punk Returns & Screws Drew McIntyre At WWE Clash At The Castle: Scotland



Drew McIntyre had the home-field advantage at WWE Clash at the Castle: Scotland against Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight Championship. The crowd in the OVO Hydro were pumped and ready for a title change. The Scottish Warrior even had the match won, as the fans counted well past a three-count.

However, the referee was down, and once a new official found their way to the ring, it wasn’t the savior McInyre was looking for. Rather, it was The Straight Edge Savior, CM Punk, returning in a referee shirt to cause a distraction.

That interference was followed by a low blow, which Priest was able to capitalize on and eventually score a pinfall to retain his title.

The crowd was mostly not having it, though there were some in attendance clearly happy to see Punk and celebrated with him. McIntyre will undoubtedly be beyond furious, so we’ll have to see how he responds on WWE RAW on Monday night.

There’s no confirmation as of this publication that Punk has been cleared to return to in-ring action, or if he was merely given the go-ahead to make this run-in and get involved without getting too physical.

What do you think of Punk’s return and how this played out for the title match? Drop your reactions in the comments below!

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