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Cody Rhodes Wishes Ex-AEW Star Was With Him At WrestleMania 40



Cody Rhodes was able to celebrate in the ring at WrestleMania 40 with some of WWE’s top names but wishes an ex-AEW star had joined him.

At Night Two of the event, Rhodes dethroned Roman Reigns to win the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, ending the 1,316-day reign of the Head of the Table.

After the match, Rhodes celebrated his win with several notable names including John Cena, Randy Orton, Triple H, and LA Knight.

On a recent edition of the “Babyfaces” podcast, Rhodes reflected on the celebration and the person he wishes had stood in the ring with him. He said,

“Shawn Spears, during the Deuce-Domino-Cherry, during this rivalry [in OVW] I had no fundamental experience. I couldn’t tell you a top wrist lock from a double quarter. I had no fundamentals. But they didn’t mind because they were teaching me from the story perspective first. That’s how Al [Snow] would like to teach and Shawn was there to lead me through it, and he does not get enough credit from me for how special he is.

“He is the only person that I regret I didn’t have in the ring after WrestleMania because I saw him that day and we just took a picture together and he was just like he always was. He knew what this day was, he knew it was big and the opportunity to go and I could take it all if I wanted to and gosh dude, I wouldn’t be where I’m at without Shawn Spears. He is a blessing to the business and I am so glad to see him in NXT.”

Spears had returned to WWE as part of WWE NXT mere weeks before WrestleMania but has been a heel so far as part of the gold brand.

Rhodes’ next title defense will come at WWE King & Queen of the Ring where he will defend against Logan Paul. The Maverick’s U.S. title won’t be on the line.

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