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Corey Graves – ‘Logan Paul Does It All, He Steals The Show’



Logan Paul defeated Randy Orton and Kevin Owens to retain the WWE United States Championship at WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia, PA.

On a recent edition of “The Gunz Show,” WWE broadcaster Corey Graves discussed Paul’s career progression in WWE, noting that the YouTube star has silenced his critics in the best possible fashion.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Logan Paul: “I think the world of Logan Paul, and I admit I was as guilty as probably many of the guys and girls in the locker room. ‘What is this? He’s going to come in and take somebody’s spot. Somebody is not going to be part of WrestleMania because of this influencer.’ Logan Paul has fed all of us an overabundance of crow. We all have to eat our words and realize that Logan Paul is an anomaly. This isn’t going to work for everybody. If you’re a fan, don’t all of a sudden think, ‘I’m going to become an influencer and then go to WWE.’ It’s probably not going to realistically happen. What Logan Paul has done has shown the world and continues to prove to the world that he is who he says he is. You can’t make a mockery of our business and survive in it.”

On how well Logan Paul has performed: “You can’t stink the joint out on a regular basis and still be asked back or be featured in these high profile situations. Logan has done the opposite. He has shown up and when the chips are down and people almost want to see him fail, he steals the show. It’s inspiring. I think every minute of his actual life is on the internet somewhere, but in case somebody has their doubt and aren’t aware of what Logan brings to the table and what he puts in to be a WWE superstar, he does it all. He has the training regimen. He takes it seriously. He’s there early making sure that everything goes according to plan.”

On Paul being so hands on: “Logan is incredibly hands on and he is such a polarizing character, he’s great. That’s charisma you can’t teach. You’re born with that or you’re not. You can get better, you can work on things, but for him to show up from day one and get under the collective skin of the WWE universe in short order, to the point where everyone was hoping Roman was going to smash him. People were rooting for Roman Reigns against Logan Paul. Instead, you get this classic matchup that, to be fair, had no right to be as good as it was.”

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