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Damon Kemp Written Off WWE NXT, Put In A Trunk By No Quarter Catch Crew



As we previously reported here on eWn, Bobby Steveson, aka Damon Kemp, was released from WWE on July 8th as his contract was not renewed. This followed Kemp’s brother Gable Steveson being released in May.

While the backstage reaction was seemingly surprised at Kemp’s release, it hasn’t stopped WWE from writing him off television in an angle on this week’s episode of WWE NXT.

Over the past few months, No Quarter Catch Crew has undergone several changes. Drew Gulak’s release opened up a power void that Charlie Dempsey took control of. Once he dropped the NXT Heritage Cup to Tony D’Angelo, he became obsessed with how NQCC should be more like The D’Angelo Family in order to succeed.

Most recently, Dempsey started paying attention to Tavion Heights and offered him a spot in the group if he were to beat Damon Kemp. Once he did that, the writing was on the wall, and now, it seems Dempsey’s gone full Tony D mode by putting Damon Kemp in the trunk of a car and saying “mistakes will not be tolerated.”

Wren Sinclair witnessed this, but said that she didn’t see anything, proving once again that the parking lot in NXT is the most dangerous area associated with WWE as a month can’t go by without an attack, and even multiple “murders” go down on a regular basis.

What do you think about Damon Kemp being written off television this way? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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