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Did Jinder Mahal Really ‘Quit’ WWE?, Chelsea Green Reacts To Xia Li’s WWE Firing



As we previously reported here on eWn, Veer Mahaan, Sanga, Jinder Mahal, Xia Li, and Xyon Quinn were released by WWE on Friday. There may be additional names that are currently unknown, as WWE hasn’t been announcing their cuts in recent years.

Taking to Twitter, Chelsea Green reacted to “one of her favorite” people being released from the company she currently works for. She wrote,

“Xia is one of my favourite people. We bonded at the performance center immediately ♥️ I’m sad to see her go, but she’s one of the most driven people I know. It’s only up from here!!”

Additionally, Jinder Mahal took to Twitter once again to question whether he was now “chopped liver” following his WWE departure.

For what it’s worth, Mahal didn’t “quit” WWE as he originally claimed on Twitter. Instead, it was simply a case of him being cut due to the annual “budget cuts” that often take place after WrestleMania each year.

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