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Drew McIntyre Meets With Billy Corgan In Simpsons Homage



“The Simpsons did it!” — Yes, but Drew McIntyre is the latest to recreate a classic moment from the beloved sitcom, as he met with the National Wrestling Alliance’s Billy Corgan recently.

On his Twitter account, The Scottish Warrior posted a quick clip of himself meeting up with Corgan, paying homage to a scene from season 7 episode 24, “Homerpalooza”, wherein Homer Simpson meets The Smashing Pumpkins backstage and greets Corgan, oblivious to the band’s name.

McIntyre, quick to have fun on social media, recreated this with the following tweet:

You can check out a clip of the original scene below (with the moment itself at 1:00):

Before running into speculation, there are currently no reports or rumors that any partnership is in the works between the NWA and McIntyre, nor should we magically expect this to lead to the former two-time WWE World Champion following in Bret Hart’s footsteps with a guest appearance on The Simpsons. But it’s nice to see such classic moments still live on in pop culture enough to cross boundaries between shows and companies.

Do you have a favorite Simpsons episode or moment? Drop those in the comments below!

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