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NewsWWEEric Bischoff - 'Liv Morgan Is Missing The Charisma Of Becky Lynch'

Eric Bischoff – ‘Liv Morgan Is Missing The Charisma Of Becky Lynch’



Liv Morgan may have left Saudi Arabia with the WWE Women’s World Title, but Eric Bischoff believes the new champ can’t match Becky Lynch’s charisma.

At WWE King & Queen of the Ring 2024, Morgan captured the title from The Man thanks to the unlikely interference of ‘Dirty’ Dominik Mysterio.

On a recent edition of his “83 Weeks” podcast, Bischoff shared his thoughts on the third woman to hold WWE’s Women’s World Championship. He said,

“There’s something missing with Liv. I don’t know what it is. She’s obviously a gorgeous woman. She’s in great shape. Her work in the ring is excellent. There’s just something missing. And what I feel is missing in Liv exists in spades in Becky. There’s just an inherent natural authentic charisma [in Becky Lynch] that isn’t forced. It isn’t a gimmick. It’s just something in her.”

Morgan is expected to appear on tonight’s episode of WWE Monday Night RAW. Lynch has made clear she intends to invoke a rematch clause.

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