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Gangrel Praises Vince Russo For Creating The Brood In WWE



On a recent edition of the “WrestleBinge” podcast, former WWE Superstar Gangrel talked about how Vince Russo conceived the concept for The Brood in WWE.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Vince Russo coming up with The Brood: “I think Vince Russo, he’s a big vampire fan, so credit to Vince Russo. He called me up and he said, ‘Can you still do the vampire stuff? Do you still have the fangs?’ I go, ‘Of course, I can make it happen.’ He called me up on a Friday and he had me at TV on a Saturday, debuting on a Sunday, ‘Sunday Night Heat.’ So they taped, and they came up with that entrance, that music and everything. With that, they [have] me work Edge… I always wanted to be in a group of vampires.”

On never calling The Brood vampires: “They never used the word ‘vampires’ if I remember right. I don’t think they’ve ever referred to us as vampires. So basically, we evolved into The Brood. We don’t know why we were The Brood or how we were The Brood, maybe we were from a village in Romania or something like that.”

Gangrel reunited with his Brood stablemate, Adam Copeland (Edge), last month at AEW Double or Nothing 2024.

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