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Grayson Waller Says It Was Incredibly Difficult Explaining A Shoey To Shawn Michaels



While speaking to Bodyslam.net’s Mark O’Brien, Grayson Waller was asked about how he got approval to do a shoey on WWE television.

This is something made famous in Australia, where people will celebrate by pouring a drink into their shoe and chugging it.

Waller said, “I guess approval is a difficult word, but having to explain it to Shawn Michaels, who was the first guy that I had to talk to about it, was incredibly difficult, just because it sounds like such a crazy thing, but obviously it is such a popular thing in Australia, such a popular thing with Australian athletes, it’s kind of become a part of our celebration so Shawn was very confused but full credit to him he trusted me when I said that this is a thing I promise you he’s like you’re not messing with me I was like ‘Shawn I’m telling you the shoey it’s a big thing in Australia they’ll enjoy it!’, and I think it kind of got proven when we were in Australia and we kind of saw the popularity of it. So now I think I need to do it more on the main roster and now with the championship, I might. I feel like I’m on a winning streak. Yeah, I’m going to have to go with some red wine. It’s going to be interesting having red wine in my shoe. But that’s it. We’re in France. Oui, oui.”

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