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Grayson Waller – ‘WrestleMania In London Would Be Very Depressing’



Grayson Waller thinks that WrestleMania coming to the UK would not work out for the wrestlers or the fans as the show would be “depressing.”

In a recent interview with the Daily Star, Waller discussed the concept after recently re-elected London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he hopes to bring the show to London. He said,

“I’m not a political guy, I don’t really pay attention to politics, especially in other countries. I presume this brother was struggling a little bit, so he was doing whatever he could to get re-elected.

“You know, I think the idea of WrestleMania in London’s cool, but I just don’t think it’s something that I want to do, that most of the wrestlers want to do. I’ve been to London. it’s a depressing place, and I think WrestleMania in London would be a very depressing WrestleMania. We don’t want that. So, its Sadiq, right? Well, I think you’re an idiot and WrestleMania in Australia is going to be much better!

Despite Waller’s assertions, Khan comfortably won a third time as London Mayor, defeating Conservative candidate Susan Hall who came in second.

Triple H has said that anything is possible when it comes to an international WrestleMania, in spite of plans by WWE President Nick Khan.

Nick Khan has reportedly said that WWE’s ‘Big 4’ events (WrestleMania, SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, and Survivor Series) will stay in North America for the foreseeable future.

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