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Hacksaw Jim Duggan – ‘I Never Got Along With Lex Luger’



On a recent edition of his “The Hacksaw Hour” podcast, Hacksaw Jim Duggan noted that he never got along with Lex Luger, and neither did his mentor Bruiser Brody.

Luger’s transition from “The Narcissist” to his pro-USA gimmick contributed to Duggan’s WWE exit.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Luger having a run-in with Bruiser Brody over heat between them: “I didn’t get along with Lex, but I didn’t know about the run-in. I believe that 100%. I could see why Brody wouldn’t like Lex. Like I said, the best gimmicks are the ones closest to who you are … And the gimmick worked well for Lex pretty much back then.”

On Luger’s USA gimmick meaning the end of his run: “That was the writing on the wall for old Hacksaw to hit the road! The flag and the helicopter and the Lex Express and I got my flag taped to the flag pole!… You can’t just give somebody the flag, it’s been my honor to carry the flag when I’m out there waving the flag saying ‘U-S-A’ it’s coming from the heart.”

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