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Hulk Hogan’s Beer Brand Responds To Racist Allegations



We reported yesterday here on eWn that social media influencer Essence Jenai made allegations that she was terminated as a brand ambassador for Real American Beer, a brand associated with Hulk Hogan, after only one day of employment.

Jenai posted images on her TikTok account depicting her involvement in promoting Hogan’s new beer brand, followed by her abrupt dismissal. She wrote,

“STORY TIME: Hulk Hogan paid me to be a brand Ambassador and this happened…My contract was for a week…After one day of promoting his brand…He cancelled my contract because ???”

Jenai shared a second video of herself and another black brand ambassador at the initial event with Hogan. The text in the video reads,

“POV: Hulk Hogan paid you to be a brand ambassador and cancelled your contract the next day because he realized you were a BLACK brand ambassador.”

Fast forward to today, and Hulk Hogan’s Real American Beer brand has issued a statement to address the matter. A rep told the following:

“We are deeply troubled by the false rumor circulating on social media that a brand ambassador hired by a third-party marketing agency was terminated by Hulk Hogan for racial reasons. Real American Beer simply terminated its short-term relationship with the third-party marketing agency. Hulk Hogan was not involved in that decision, and race was not a factor. We are in communication with the agency in an attempt to clear the misunderstanding and incorrect information, and believe that this false statement will be withdrawn.”

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