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Jade Cargill – ‘Everyone Wants To See Me To Succeed’



Jade Cargill signed with WWE in September 2022 before making her in-ring debut in the 2023 women’s Royal Rumble match.

Speaking to Evan T Mack, Cargill was asked about her progression in WWE. The former AEW star said,

“It feels great. What I want everybody to understand is you’ve seen my first match ever. You’ve literally seen me grow. Who gets to see that? That was my first match ever, that was Shaquille O’Neal and Cody Rhodes. Who gives that? So I think everyone should give me grace and be understanding that you’re literally watching me go from a infant into a superstar. No one gets that. People go to the PC or whatever and they grind on NXT for years or the indies. Like, be thankful that you’re getting to see my progression. You can say, damn, I seen her first match like oh my gosh, look at her progression and look what she’s done. It’s been great like I can see my improvement that I’ve done. I can see how I’m handling things way better and just the veterans in the locker room as far as AEW and WWE, who came to me and given me great, sound advice to succeed in this business. Everybody wants to see me succeed in this business, and you best believe I am.”

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