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Jade Cargill On Her Alliance With Bianca Belair & Naomi, Bayley Talks Backlash Title Defense



In a recent appearance on the “Ring The Belle” podcast, Jade Cargill discussed her alliance with Naomi and Bianca Belair, highlighting the potential for continued coexistence among the trio.

The group previously teamed up at WrestleMania 40, and Cargill and Belair are scheduled to challenge the Kabuki Warriors for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles at the upcoming 2024 Backlash pay-per-view event in France.

Cargill said, Yes, we can [co-exist]. We can. We’re all dominant in our own ways. We all know ourselves. We’re all just focused. I don’t need no backstabbing. So, let’s see. All I can say is let’s just see. You never know.”

Bayley will defend the WWE Women’s Championship against Naomi and Tiffany Statton in a Triple Threat match next weekend at WWE Backlash: France.

During a recent appearance on “The Smackdown Lowdown,” Bayley spoke about her respect for her WWE Backlash: France opponents. She said,

I am feeling not so good, a little rough, a little sore, a little freaking mad, to be honest, and I’m so annoyed. I’m quickly reminded who Nia Jax is. The irresistible force, the competitor she is, the person she is. I’m quickly reminded what it’s like to be a champion. You always got a target on your back. I should know that. I should have eyes in the back of my head because I know sneaky Nia Jax. I know this sneaky roster. I know that people would do anything to get to this. I’d do anything for this. It’s a little bit humbling, to be honest. I’m humbled. I’m hurt, but I’m humbled. I’m excited, now I finally get my first title defense unless Nia wants to ruin that just like Tiffany ruined it last week. I need to calm down. Naomi’s my friend. I’m excited to share the ring with her. Tiffany, I actually would have done the same thing. She made a statement. She made a bold statement coming after me. She made a bold statement attacking me and Naomi last week and she made a bold statement tonight. She made a bold statement on SmackDown that this is what she wants and where else are you gonna go if you’re not shooting for the top, right? I can respect that. I respect that. I’m gonna be in the ring with two women that I respect. Look at that. What a great night it’s gonna be, huh? I’m feeling a little crazy. It’s not your fault. I need a cool off and if you see Nia, Tell her we’re not done yet, alright? Tell her the women’s champ is looking for her.”

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