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NewsWWEJaida Parker On Seeking Advice From Shawn Michaels For NXT Battleground 2024

Jaida Parker On Seeking Advice From Shawn Michaels For NXT Battleground 2024



In a recent appearance on “The Ringer Wrestling Show,” WWE NXT Superstar Jaida Parker shared insights about seeking guidance from Shawn Michaels for the first ladder match of her career at NXT Battleground 2024.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On getting advice from Shawn Michaels for her first Ladder Match: “The minute you start [thinking] ‘Well I can’t do this,’ is the minute that someone gets hurt. We don’t want nobody getting hurt. I mean at the end of the day, yeah, I’m going to run through people, because that’s my title at the end of the day. But I don’t want to be the reason for somebody else getting hurt. It’s just being fearless. You can’t second guess yourself, because the minute you second guess yourself, it goes downhill from there and you don’t want to do anything.”

On the main roster Superstars who visit NXT: “I always go by, ‘I have two eyes and two ears and one mouth’ for a reason. I have to listen, look, and observe. I don’t have to talk all the time. So when I observe them and see how they work and listen to their advice at the same time and put two and two together, it’s a wrap.”

Parker competed in the Six-Way Ladder Match for the NXT Women’s North American Title at NXT Battleground 2024. Kelani Jordan won the match to become the inaugural Women’s North American Champion last weekend.

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