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Jeff Jarrett Recalls Owen Hart’s Issues With The WWE Attitude Era



On a recent edition of his “My World” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett discussed why Dan Severn didn’t work out in WWE, Owen Hart’s issues with The Attitude Era, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his relationship with Stephanie McMahon in 1999: “I mean, it was — for lack of a better word, the boss’s daughter. I could relate to a boss’s kid being a part of the promotion. I always related to Shane and Stephanie that way. Yeah, one of those footnotes that you’d like to sometimes say, the Forrest Gump of wrestling. Out of all the talent of all the years, who is Stephanie McMahon’s first win on TV? You’re looking at him. So I mean, I always had a very good relationship with Stephanie. And you know, at this stage, her promo skills weren’t what they developed, but she’s always always had natural charisma. And I’m not just saying on camera, backstage as well. She’s very likable, but very well-spoken and always has been since the day I met her.”

On why Dan Severn didn’t work out in WWE: “Yeah. And I respect Dan and his accomplishments tremendously. But he didn’t — his wrestling style did not fit in the Attitude Era. Because as we just talked about; I mean, two, three minute TV matches were the norm. And that didn’t fit to any of Dan’s strengths. I think that’s the single biggest issue with Dan in the Attitude Era. And also just his demeanor and his style. I mean, his promo, his mindset, it just didn’t fit.”

On the notio0n that the Blue Blazer return was a punishment to Owen: “Innuendo. But the, kind of the mindset behind it all, I believe — you know, obviously it didn’t get fully developed — that Owen in real life had issues with certain aspects of the Attitude Era. And I’ll call it with the Hart name. With Stu Hart, and all the brothers, and Bret and of course Owen, and you know, Owen’s Wrestlemania 10 match. And just that whole persona that went with it, as opposed to him having issues with certain things about the Attitude Era. They — in their mind, they said, ‘Okay, his alter ego, the Blue Blazer’ — which Owen had been the Blue Blazer in the early times — that fit. ‘Let’s have him be the superhero who believes in good, who has issues with the Atitude Era.’ And that was the mindset of the whole of the character. And you could play with it back and forth, and there’s been plenty of storylines with guys through the years. Dusty and the Midnight Rider, and we could both give multiple examples. But that was the impetus of the Blue Blazer character at this stage in the Attitude Era.”

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