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NewsWWEJessika Carr Expresses Gratitude After Making History At WWE Backlash: France

Jessika Carr Expresses Gratitude After Making History At WWE Backlash: France



Jessika Carr recently officiated the main event of WWE Backlash: France, becoming the first female official to referee a WWE Championship match in the main event of a pay-per-view event with the Cody Rhodes vs. AJ Styles match at the Lyon show.

Following the match, Carr took to social media to reflect on her career and journey as a female official in the wrestling industry. She wrote,

“I’m not sure if I can put into the words the pride, gratitude and appreciation I have for tonight.

I started this journey in professional wrestling 15 years ago, and have always wanted to do things the right way.

I’ve always wanted to show up early, be the last one to leave, treat everyone and the whole industry with respect, and give my best effort with everything I’ve been given.

HBK in NXT always said, if you want to be a home run hitter you have to hit home runs and that’s what I’ve always aspired to do as a referee. I’ve always wanted to to hit home runs and make sure they can always trust me.

I’m happy to have made WWE proud but also have made myself incredibly proud.

To be apart of an instant clinic matchup, between two of the best, Cody Rhodes and AJ Styles? With that incredible crowd? Unreal.

That little girl that loved this so much, that just had the dream of getting into a wrestling ring…..she’s blown away.

I’m proud to have worked and been fully ready for an opportunity like this. Timing is everything and it was perfect.”

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