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Jey Uso – ‘Bray Wyatt’s Widow JoJo Offerman Texted Me After My WWE Backlash: France Entrance’



Jey Uso received a massive ovation from the fans in Lyon during his WWE Backlash: France entrance.

The former Bloodline member received a Bray Wyatt-style “fireflies” entrance, and Uso says JoJo Offerman texted him after the entrance to share her reaction.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “Battleground Podcast,” Jey said,

“It was just with me. I don’t want to ever…you want to call them fireflies or whatever you want to call them because that’s what they are to me. I was really happy it was with me and they did it with me.”

He added, “The most I was validated (was when) JoJo, Bray Wyatt’s wife, texted me and said how emotional she was watching. She saw clips of it on YouTube and that let me know right there, ‘Alright, I’m going to keep it.’ I hope it sticks with me. I never asked for it. I think they did it and I want to keep it with me now.”

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